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The Reptmonitor

It is a Free online tool that Monitors global retail online reputation and customer satisfaction. we´re monitoring weekly more than 5 millions of reviews of 3k places in 52+ countries and counting. Just to delivery useful data, to help global retail market increase their reputation and improve customer satisfaction.

Also Reptmonitor can help you to understand for example, how is New Yorker´s mood today about Bars and Restaurants, entertainment and services.

Find the top places to visit in different countries based in millions of customers reviews and much more. Feel free to Explore.

Reptmonitor is a unique tool and can help Retail companies and professionals from many fields (like B.I, Marketing, Online Reputation, CX, Financial, Insurance and more) to understand how customers opinions directly affect the retail market reputation. Feel free to drop us a line to access a full customized version of Reptmonitor to fit your need.

To receive our free Weekly report by e-mail, just fill the form bellow and select the city of your interest.